Menu Support

Contactless online menus and single use disposable menus.

We strongly urge restaurants to set up a menu online, and provide QR codes that link to it. Once done, it's a greener and more cost effective solution. However, some customers are still going to want a paper menu - we can help with that too.

How to set up your contactless menu:

  1. Start by watching this video if you’re not familiar with QR Code menus.
  2. Add your menu to your website or other 3rd party menu hosting websites.
  3. Visit a free QR code website, like:
  4. Take the URL from your online menu and create a QR code using one of the free services mentioned in step three.
  5. Almost all modern phone cameras can read QR codes. To test your QR Code menu – hold up your phone camera to the QR code. If done right, the phone will prompt a link to your online menu.

Inexpensive Bulk Paper Menus

Our printers can provide inexpensive paper menus for your restaurant.

8.5″ x 11″ double-sided color menus:

250 $140
500 $156
750 $159
1000 $161
1500 $182
2000 $212
2500 $243

Pricing does not include shipping.