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With the eagerly anticipated reopening of your restaurant, it’s imperative to actively prepare for operations and marketing upon reopening your doors. Restaurant owners are currently navigating state ordered limitations on how to operate including reduced seating capacity, minimum distance requirements between tables, mandated staff temperature checks, etc.

Other than maintaining health and safety requirements, you want guests to feel at ease as they begin to dine out again. Guests want reassurance that the front of the house and back of the house is doing everything they can to keep guests safe. It’s important for restaurants to create and promote their new health and sanitation policies and procedures.

We can help you with a boilerplate document that will outline all of the policies and procedures that will be required by the state to reopen and operate, along with recommendations that some of our restaurants have implemented to go above and beyond what’s required. When your customers know you are committed to their safety as well as your staff’s, they will feel more comfortable venturing out to eat in this ‘new normal’ landscape. Once you have your full policies and procedures finalized, we recommend publishing them on your website. Then share the link widely on social media, and include QR codes on printed materials. It may be that not many people read it front to back, but it’s important information to share.

Why is it important to create COVID Health and Sanitation Procedures?

Health and safety protocols have always been a part of any restaurant’s standard operation procedures, however they are now more important than ever. Updated policies that include COVID-19 prevention techniques as well as systems on how to deal with any potential positive cases will not only put your guests at ease, but your staff as well. COVID-19 policies are not only good business practice, but are becoming increasingly more mandatory by state and local government.

What should you do with the procedures once they’re created?

Put them into practice daily! Policies and procedures shouldn’t be lip service, but used consistently and embedded into your standard operating procedures. Again, using your policies will create an atmosphere of trust with both guests and staff. Additionally, these policies should be living, breathing documents. They will constantly evolve as more is learned about COVID-19. Be prepared to update them and educate staff around the updates regularly.

How should you tell your audience about your COVID Health and Sanitation Procedures?

Now that you’ve finalized your new COVID-19 Policies and Procedures, it’s important for your brand that you promote these new assets to your target audience. In doing so, you’ll make your guests feel secure knowing that you’ve developed and implemented new safety procedures to keep them and your staff safe. We recommend adding the procedures to your website (as shown in the examples below) and promoting them via your social media channels.


Download our template file and customize it with your restaurant’s policies and procedures.


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